The Auteur

I hope that this blog so far has given you the reader a good sense of what my goal is for the blog. Now I wish to give you a context for this goal by explaining myself, the blogger. The two most motivating factors for the type of blog I chose are my love of traveling and my love of the film industry.

As stated in the Extended About Section I have been to two international film festivals so far and I am leaving for the third this week. I am going to the Busan International Film Festival. I have never been to Asia before.

I think film offers an icebreaker of sorts to a new culture. The visual nature of film allows people who speak different languages to understand shared human feelings. It is not just the films themselves that connect people. At the international festivals, the host country welcomes artists from around the world much like The Olympics welcomes athletes from around the world. In my experience the most prominent festivals (such as Cannes) are held in relatively quite cities that explode at the onrush of new visitors. All of a sudden there is a nightlife and street food and welcome drinks to any passerby in the festival perimeter.

As someone who has not graduated college yet and has been to over 15 different countries, I feel that my world travel is already very substantial but I always have my bags packed and ready for the next big adventure.

I hope you the reader will join me in my quest for world film appreciation.


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